About partly settle accounts with the creditor standing fourth in line for satisfaction whose claims secured by pledge – UAB Investicijų ir verslo garantijos 2015-06-30
Sales of repeated creditors’ claims 2015-04-07
For an additional payment to the creditor in the second line 2015-02-24
Regarding extension of the time limit for submission of bids to acquire creditors’ claims 2015-01-08
About partly settle accounts with the creditor second in line 2014-09-22
Notice concerning the settlement with creditors first in line for satisfaction 2014-08-27
Notice concerning the settlement with employees 2014-08-11
Information about liquidation of BAB Ūkio Bankas 2014-07-08
Concerning the adoption of decisions by the meeting of creditors 2014-04-23
Notification of UAB Valnetas, the Bankruptcy administrator of BAB Ūkio bankas, on convening the first meeting of creditors of BAB Ūkio bankas 2014-02-28
Concerning connection to the internet banking system Eta bankas 2014-01-16
Nearly LTL 1.5 million paid to the staff of Ūkio bankas in bankruptcy 2013-12-11
Information to BAB Ūkio bankas minority shareholders 2013-12-09
Information to creditors about the course of BAB Ūkio bankas bankruptcy procedure 2013-12-09
Information on the approval of BAB Ūkio bankas creditors’ list and their financial claims 2013-10-17
Information to creditors concerning non-acceptance of claims filed not within the time limit 2013-08-05
Information to AB Ūkio bankas shareholders 2013-07-17
Concerning claims set-off 2013-07-12